The chronicle mentions that the Kirchner’s forge, which was located here until 1977, had been built between 1550 and 1600. More information is not available. It is, however, mentioned that it had remained unharmed by the Thirty Years’ War and the retreat of the Swedish and therefore did not burn down.

The forge’s existence is proven by the map “Sächsisches Meilenblatt” of 1790 which also shows the “Mühlgraben” branching off at the forge to supply the Flathe mill with water (cf. Information board 12)

The owners of the forge have been well-documented since 1723:

  • Schäfer Gottfried vor 1723
  • Kaltschmidt Christian 1723
  • Menzer Christian 1726
  • Berger Johann, Gottlieb 1732
  • Herfurth Christian 1755
  • Podelsky Joseph 1761
  • Schneider Gottlob 1766
  • Schneider Carl, Gottfried 1789
  • Schneider Johann, Gottlob 1824
  • Schneider Christiane, Eleonore 1841
  • Schneider Carl, Heinrich 1850
  • Kirchner Ernst, Wilhelm 1877
  • Kirchner Arthur, Bruno 1913
  • Fischer Paul, Albert 1962

In 1975 the married couple Hehne purchased the property and built a new home after the extremely dilapidated forge had been torn down.

The Kirchner's forge around 1910 [Picture: Chronicle Ruppendorf].