The outworks and the water castle on this very place are already a part of the first mentioning of Ruppendorf in 1349. During the first centuries the nobility received the outworks, sometimes called “Sattelhof” with its meadows and land as a loan from the Elector. In 1586 Elector Christian I sold all land, fields and meadows that belonged to the outworks to four farmers in Ruppendorf. It is likely, however, that this did not happen to all buildings that belonged to the outworks, because the chronicle shows that in the following years the outworks’ owners continued to change.

At the beginning of around 1700 the outworks seem to have been divided into four to five different separate properties, if you presume that each property has received its own fire insurance numbers (BrdK-Nr. 69/70/71/72 and 74). In 1868 the thatched outworks burned down completely. The owner Carl Gustav Kästner used a great amount of stones from the remaining walls of the castle ruins to reconstruct it. From 1952 onward the main part of the outworks, the so-called central court, was taken over by the collective farm association of the GDR “LPG” (BrdK 69/70/71, Hofweg 6). With the construction of the potato storage house in 1976, the social buildings and the dairy farm in 1985 the “LPG” did no longer need the central court and it continued to decay.

In June 2006 the large barn along with the dairy house were torn down. From 2006 until 2010 the central court remained a private property and a huge photovoltaic plant was installed on its roofs. In 2014 the municipality bought the property from the estate executor and decided to tear it down.

This is how the core of the old outworks became history. The property “Hofweg Nr. 6” with the place list number 81 and the fire insurance numbers 69/70/71 did no longer exist. The other two properties of the former outworks, “Hofweg Nr. 5 (BrdK. 72) and “Hofweg Nr. 9” (BrdK. 74) remain private properties. In 2020 a day-care center with 36 places (now property “Hofweg Nr. 10”) and a parking lot were constructed on the site of the former central court.

The outwork before the fire around 1869 [Picture: Chronicle Ruppendorf].