Here, on the other side, in the house „Freiberger Staße 51“ Gottlieb Gahmig opened up a small saddler’s business in 1837. It has remained a family business for almost 190 years which has been run by seven generations of the family until today. First and foremost, it did saddlery and upholstery work and produced horse’s harnesses and other necessary agricultural goods. The journeyman Otto Reichelt took over the business in 1925 when he married into the family. His son Werner had run the business until 1960 until he handed it over to his son in 1989. In the meantime, his son Manuel Reichelt and his son-in-law René Ebert have taken over the company. After 1990 they started to specialise in interior design focusing on floor and wall coverings, window design and upholstery. In 1992 a 150 m² sales studio on this side of the road opened up and was extended thoroughly in 2008. The employees of the company “Reichelt – Die Einrichter” have provided their services far across the borders of the local district, e.g. in Nice, Moscow or Brussels. Among their references are the fortress “Die Festung Königstein”, the baroque palace “Rammenau”, the “VW- manufactory” in Dresden, but also some cruise ships and hotels.

House with saddlery around 1910 [Picture: Chronicle Ruppendorf].