By invitation of the at that time mayor Ernst Wolf 53 men of the community gathered on the 12th of May in 1924 in order to found a voluntary fire brigade. It was supposed to replace the existing mandatory fire brigade. A large part was formed by men who had been shaped by and returned home from World War I. Having experienced severe cruelties they had a strong hate for the destruction of human lives.

Their future duty to save lives as well as to protect and preserve valuable goods had become their highest obligation. A Steigerzug with 12 men, a Spritzenmannschaft with 26 comrades and a Hydrantenzug with 8 comrades was formed. Four hornists and two paramedics were appointed. On the 14th of September in 1924 a qualifying examination was conducted by the district’s representative Mr Jäger from the city of Pirna. The performances at the Fuß-und Gerätedienst, as well as at the alarm examination had been graded as “good and very good” and this way the Ruppendorf brigade became part of the Saxon fire brigade association “Sächsischer Feuerwehren”.

Important historic dates:

1924 – foundation of Voluntary Fire Brigade Ruppendorf with an equipment house on the road Schulweg
1924 – fire-figthing technology: Horse-drawn hand-operated fire engine
1929 – foundation of a Fire Brigade Band
1935 – fire-figthing technology: „Müllersche“ portable fire pump mounted on a trailer with “Maybach” motor vehicle
1956 – new construction of an equipment house on the road Heidestraße
1963 – fire-figthing technology: truck “Garant 27” with TSA/TS8
1964 – foundation of a Working group „Junge Brandschutzhelfer”
1969 – foundation of a Women’s Graves Protection Group
1982 – fire-figthing technology: truck “Robur” with STA
1992 – foundation of a Youth Fire Brigade
2001 – move in the equipment house on the road Freiberger Straße No. 2
2002 – fire-figthing technology: truck LF 8/6
2004 – consecration of the flag of the fire brigade
2013 – Voluntary Fire Brigade Ruppendorf becomes a member of the local fire brigade of the municipality Klingenberg

Equipment depot of the Ruppendorf volunteer fire department with fire engine 2009 [Picture: Chronicle fire department].