In 1878 a new school building was built on this place with two teacher rooms and flats for the church teacher and the assistant teacher. The school was built with a hipped roof and cost about 25.000 Mark. Children attended school for 8 years. The pupils of 2 years were taught together in one room. They were taught in different subjects by only one teacher. In 1883 an assistant teacher was hired.

After World War II, classes started again on the 15th of October in 1945.

With the added school years 9 and 10 between 1961 until 1963 it became crowded in the school building. As a consequence, years 2 until 4 had to go to Beerwalde to attend school and another year was taught at the old community building. In 1987/88 the school was named „Walter-Schlosser-Oberschule“. The building had served as school until 1990. The school moved to the building „Neue Schule“(cf. Information board 17) on the 7th of July in 1990. After that, the building has been used for different purposes:

On the 8th of November 1991 the „Schlecker“ drugstore opened in the basement, in the first floor a counter room of the bank Sparkasse opened.

  • 2001 the bank Sparkasse closes
  • 2006 a physiotherapy opens on the first floor
  • 2007 renovation takes place and the store expands
  • 2012 the „Schlecker“ drugstore closes
  • 2012 the farmer’s market „Landmarkt“ was opened
Building of the "Old School" in its current use 2023 with country market "Landmarkt Ruppendorf" and physiotherapy [Picture: Landmarkt Ruppendorf].